Built Differently Gym


A brand new strength training ground based in North London

Zahra Elarabi CEO if Built Differently noticed a large gap in the fitness market after discovering a passion for weightlifting.

However, there was a real lack of adequate space, proper equipment and the community she hoped to find within this industry. Good quality and accessible Olympic weightlifting space and equipment was what she was after and where the development of her business was born.

Built Differently Ltd was established in Harringay, North London and combines all aspect Zahra was looking for in an Olympic “ weightlifting, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding focused gym.

Without the help of Startup Direct, my dreams would not have materialised as fantastically as they have. The funding from Startup Direct meant I could equip the gym to the standard I know so many lifters have been trying to find in London for a long time.Although, it was not just the money that meant I could get the business off the ground. Speaking with my business advisor who supported me back and forth for days on end as I was putting the business plan together was a key motivator. To have another human believing in my plans and telling me I was doing a good job when I doubted myself, was probably the most invaluable part of the (super crucial) early stages of the Startup Direct process.