Alex and Ben – Race Yourself

Alexander Foster received a startup loan for his Google Glass app. Along with his co-founder Ben Gamble he has built a startup that has now raised £1.5M in Silicon Valley.

Here’s their story…


Alexander FosterRace Yourself
Founders: Alexander Foster and Ben Gamble
Fitness Technology
“The startup funding from Startup Direct helped create Race Yourself, the world’s first augmented reality and Fitness Company. Through this support, we created a unified digital fitness platform, functional, wearable technology. A testament to this achievement was the great response we received. Race Yourself was featured by the likes of “CrunchBase”, “Mashable” and the “BBC”.

The money from the startup business loan allowed us to focus on R&D, testing accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses. This ensured our device remained steady when the user was jogging, maximising user-experience. Following a successful pivot, we now operate as See Through (, an advertising analytics platform, employing enhanced versions of wearable technologies, including Google Glass.

Through the help of Startup Direct, we have created the first accurate head mounted, cross-media, advertising detection system. We record everything a consumer experiences as if ‘through their eyes’, measure the quality of their interaction and evaluate how effective those advertisements were in driving purchasing or behavioural changes. The support of Startup Direct has allowed us to execute our pivot effectively and we are now tackling some of the hardest problems in activity detection, fingerprinting and qualitative data processing and working with some of world’s largest consumer products companies.”

Alexander Foster and Ben GambleAlexander FosterAlexander Foster and Ben Gamble