Step 1

Get the best mentor to help launch your venture

Application review

We will you know if you are eligible for funding within 3 days.

Step 2

Apply for your loan, fill the application form

Documents Required

Submit the required documents or attend our support sessions if you require help

Step 3

Review your loan application with our startup advisors

Businesss mentor meeting

Finalise your application.

Step 4

Finance your business with your approved start-up loan

Loan approval and support

Receive your funds and access 12 months free support

Required Documents: Prepare your documents now to speed up the application process.

Business Documents

  • Business Plan
  • 12 month Cashflow Forecast & Personal budget
  • CV
  • Any other supporting information

Further guidance & Templates

Personal Verification Documents

  • 3 months personal current account bank statements

What is it?

What stage are you at?


Have an idea and need help?

Early Stage

Have an idea and need help?

Have an idea and need help?

Ready to start

Business plan & cash flow finalised & funding required

Business already trading or Purchasing a Business


Business already trading or Purchasing a Business

Starting a franchise


Starting a franchise

Common FAQ’s



  1. How long does the process take?
    The process can take between 1-4 weeks depending on what stage you are at with your business planning. A business which is already trading can be funded within a week provided the application meets our criteria, for someone with a new idea it may take you longer to fully develop your concept.
  2. What do you look for in applications?
    We assess applications using a number of factors which include: Viability of your business, analysis of your financial forecasts and loan affordability
  3. I have bad personal credit, will this affect my application?
    The Start Up Loans Scheme is able to support applicants who are rejected for finance from banks, however it is important that you have had no serious credit issues within the last 2 years. Upon application submission we carry out a credit search and we will inform you very quickly if we note any issues.
  4. Is my business plan confidential?
    Yes, we understand that sharing your business idea can be a daunting prospect. For your peace of mind, all of our staff have signed Non-disclosure agreements and your idea and associated documentation are kept strictly confidential.
  5. Do you help me with my business plan and cashflow?
    The business plan and cashflow forecast is the most important part of your application. We cannot write these for you, however we do have workshops to help. Your documents do not need to be perfect when you meet your mentor as they can also provide guidance. We also encourage you to use online resources for support.

Business Document Templates


Business already trading or Purchasing a Business

Business Plan

Your business plan is essential for your application for a Start Up Loan. The Business Plan should set out both your idea and your operational plan. We can accept Business Plans in any format, including Pitch Decks. Please take a look at our Business Plan template so that you can see the type of information we require, you can also use our template if preferred

Business already trading or Purchasing a Business

Cashflow Forecast and Personal Budget

Cashflow forecasting sounds intimidating but it is surprisingly simple, so do not be put off. It effectively amounts to predicting how much money you forecast coming IN and OUT of your business. Think of it as the financial representation of your business & operational plan. Remember, when you meet your business mentor your forecast does not have to be perfect so do not worry!

Business already trading or Purchasing a Business


We require a copy of your CV which should outline your work and educational history. If you use Linkedin, you can download your Linkedin profile as a PDF. We also have a free template to download.

Business already trading or Purchasing a Business

Supporting Evidence

The more information we have about your business, the easier the application process will be. Supporting evidence could include:

  • Quotes for major items the loan is to be used on
  • Qualifications if applicable to your business
  • Heads of terms/ leases for business premises
  • Business bank statements if you are already trading
  • Amazon/ Ebay/ Etsy transaction reports if selling through these channels
  • Licenses, food hygiene certificates
  • Evidence of customer interest
  • Evidence of investor interest
  • DBS certificates if working with children

Please note, if your business does not have these items it does not mean we won’t be able to provide a Start Up Loan