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Are you now all set to smash 2017? Top tips to gear up your startup

Are you ready to impress your target audience in 2017? Every day gives you a whole new year to plan [...]

Why “getting a mentor” should be at the top of your to-do list in 2017

By Laura Campbell, Business Advisor at Startup Direct We are all busy. Whether we are being producti[...]

How video content can help promote your startup

An increasing number of businesses now use short videos to present themselves, their marketing campa[...]

5 steps to starting a business in 2016 with Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation

5 steps to starting a business in 2016 If you have always dreamed of starting up your own business b[...]

What can the success of HiyaCar teach startups about crowdfunding?

Graeme Risby and Rob Larmour founded HiyaCar with the shared vision of revolutionising & evolvin[...]

Mentoring is not an activity it is a relationship

At Startup Direct we have a number of mentors that have successfully set up and run their own busine[...]

Intern’s Insight- An insight into a great Startup Direct mentor

Intern’s Insight- An insight into a great Startup Direct mentor This week I caught up with Mar[...]

Interns Insight: 10 Things you need to know before developing a website

Interns Insight: 10 Things you need to know before developing a website 1) The website goal audience[...]

Intern’s Insight: An example of a great business Mentor- Francis Hazeel

Start-up Direct is extremely privileged to have a cohort of over 300 talented mentors who volunteer [...]

Intern’s Insight: An example of a fabulous Franchise business

Whilst working with entrepreneurs on my internship, I have found many examples of franchise business[...]

Crucial cash flow tips for startups

It is known that one of the biggest challenges of making your startup a success is to be able to man[...]

5 top tips on how to write an exhaustive business plan

For any startup application seeking funding and mentoring, Startup Direct requires a business plan. [...]

Crowdfunding campaign for new startup – All By Mama

All By Mama a unique marketplace featuring a beautiful range of products thoughtfully created by wor[...]

2015: Year in review Startup Direct

  2015: Year in Review Successful Startups in 2015 2015 was a great year for Startup Direct fun[...]

How to use mentoring tools to develop your entrepreneurial skills

With the launch of the “Mentoring Toolkit” in the Mentor and Mentee handbook, here are s[...]

How can mentoring help my start-up?

We are privileged to have a large cohort of excellent mentors including Michael Walker who works f[...]

Intern’s Insight: The importance of business reputation in a startup

Warren Buffet, net worth 67 billion and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, wrote “It takes 20 years to bui[...]

Intern’s Insight: How to survive and thrive at Business fairs

Since I started working for Startup Direct we have exhibited at the Startup Business show, the Franc[...]

Intern’s Insight: What funding is avaliable after a Start-up Loan?

The government start-up loan scheme provides the initial cash injection of up to £25,000 to start-u[...]

Rise of the ‘Returners’: Women over 30 taking the plunge and starting their own businesses increases by one third in a year

New data released by Startup Direct to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8th March 2015, [...]

Generating a winning startup business idea

3 top tips on how to generate a winning startup idea.   Generating a startup idea in the first [...]

10 reasons why you need to be at StartUp 2017

StartUp 2017 is the UK’s largest start-up show of the New Year! Returning for its third year, Star[...]

Startup Direct Mentor Ted Rowlands: The Golden Rules of mentoring

Startup Direct Mentor Ted Rowlands: The Golden Rules of mentoring At Startup Direct we are privilege[...]

Lorna Mitchell: How my independent language school startup is helping refugees

Lorna Mitchell set up The Language Studio in Wolverhampton at 24 after using her knowledge of the l[...]

Van Bulck Beers wins the 1000th Business Prize

Van Bulck Beers were the lucky winner’s of our 1000th business prize winning £6k worth of st[...]

Twinkle Clean: Entrepreneur wisdom about how to survive against tough industry competition

Twinkle clean is a fantastic Start-up Direct funded business founded by British born entrepreneur, R[...]

Startup business tips from JournoLink- 10 ways to get your brand profiled…

  1.Have something to say that would interest even your iPhone-obsessed teenager. Remember, whi[...]

Intern’s Insight: An example of a great startup- Western Assembly

Whilst working at Startup Direct I have been constantly impressed by the variety of businesses who a[...]

Interns Insight: How do we get more women in business?

National statistics According to the House of Commons statistics from 2014 only 18% of small or medi[...]

Interns Insight: Can a franchise be profitable?

With so many people starting up their own franchise businesses using a government Start-up loan, her[...]
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