Startup Stories

Built Differently Gym

‘WEIGHTLIFTING – POWERLIFTING – BODYBUILDING’ A brand new strength training ground based in North London Zahra Elarabi CEO if Built Differently noticed a large gap in the fitness market after discovering a passion for weightlifting. However, there was a real lack of adequate space, proper equipment and the community she hoped to find within this industry. Good […]

Plusdelivery, Easy To Book, Easy To Use

Plusdelivery, is delivering technology where you can book and track your delivery end to end with ease. It only takes few seconds. Safe, reliable and convenient. Most importantly passionate!   What inspired you to start your business? What is your favourite quote.? What inspired us was the opportunity to create a business where the sense […]

Welcome to Queens Park Wines – Healthy, Responsible… Biodynamic

Like all life’s pleasures, the drinking experience is not just about the wine itself. Beautifully crafted accessories compliment perfectly the interesting range of quality wines we sell. Silver plated Champagne baths, wine coolers, ice buckets, wine coasters and bottle openers. We’ve interviewed one of our most exquisite clients who is delivering organic and biodynamic wines direct […]

Simple Nutrition Startup Story

1) What inspired you to start your business? Well, the person that got me into what I am doing today was ‘Joe Wicks, The Body Coach’. I started following him on Instagram and loved what he was doing, so I made an Instagram page myself and started to upload images/videos of my cooking. After a […]

Jonathan’s in the Park Inspiring Startup Story

1) What inspired you to start your business? A burning ambition that came and went for decades, then one day I felt the time had come to realise this plan and put my ideas into action, I had looked at a few properties to begin my restaurant business when I noticed that a 250 year […]

The startup story of Chop Chop London

Chop Chop London is a brand new exciting startup. It offers luxury on-the-go hair styling, right at your fingertips. You simply download need to download the Chop Chop London app, complete a few steps and Chop Chop will get you styled. Startup Direct has been helping them along their startup journey. Chop Chop London looked at […]

The Earth Goddess Store Startup Story

Emily has loved making jewellery since she was a child. Emily’s store combines her love of crystals, being creative and making beautiful things! Emily says “I find the creative process very therapeutic and it makes me happy – and if other people like what I make too then that’s just a bonus! I love every […]

Chimney Fire Coffee – Another inspiring startup loans scheme story

1)What inspired you to start your business? My passion has always been in sustainable sourcing having worked in coffee and cocoa traceability, travelling frequently to coffee origins and building relationships with coffee producers for 5 years. I also enjoyed home roasting and flavour profiling, so in 2016 I setup Chimney Fire Coffee, a startup aiming […]

Startup BRICK & LIQUOR are storming it, check out their amazing startup story

David Layton is the founder and Managing Director of The BAR Project who launched the BRICK & LIQUOR brand of bars in South London in 2016. David approached Startup Direct in 2017 to fund the launch of the companies second venue in Clapham. Startup Direct are excited to be following their amazing startup story after […]

Inspiring startup story from Fun Soy

Made in the UK-award winning lower sodium truffle, chipotle & lemongrass flavoured soy sauce. Try it on sushi, chicken, noodles, beef, fish, rice, cocktails…. 1)What inspired you to start your business? Fun Soy was originally developed by our founding partner JC, as part of a high protein diet. JC was struggling to find tasty low […]

Flora: How Startup Direct supported my business Unripe Banana

Flora: How Startup Loans Scheme and Startup Direct helped my business Unripe Banana Flora, Founder of  Unriper Banana, Plant-Based Coffee Shop. Art Gallery. Studio and Events space. Opening in East London Autumn 2017 1) What did Startup Direct teach you about starting up a business and the different types of funding for startups? Startup Direct was […]

Aimee Teesdale – Startup Direct and Start Up Loan Scheme Success Story

Aimee C. Teesdale is a life coach and motivational speaker, who helps ambitious men and women who are holding themselves back, not achieving all they could be, and tired of being stuck with mediocre. She enables them to get past their barriers, become the person they want to be, and start living a great life they love.  1 […]

Charlie Jones: How Startup Direct supported my business Kitchup

Charlie Jones: How Startup Loans Scheme and Startup Direct helped my business “Kitchup” Charlie Jones, Founder of Kitchup, a kitchen sharing platform, worked at Startup Direct as a business support. His business, now also allied to his twin sister Emma, grows from strength to strength. Laura Campbell of Startup Direct caught up with him, to find out […]

Stripey Spanish – Startup Loans Scheme Success Story

Stripey Spanish: Kickstarting a revolution in the way Londoners learn Spanish Carla Jones, founder of Stripey Spanish, a language school with a twist, received a £1000 startup business loan for her language school last year. Since then, the startup has grown from strength to strength, adding oodles of Spanish charisma to London. We caught up […]

Tomasz Danielec and Arkadiusz Glanowski:Baker Street Boys

The Baker Street Boys are cooking up a storm in the furniture and architecture industry. Business partners Tomasz Danielec and Arek Glanowski have taken artisan furniture designers and architecture to the next level by feature a versatile range of tables, stools and storage made with a simple yet stylish fusion of raw steel and natural oak. […]

Baker Street Boys: How to use clever design to attract celebrity endorsement

   Tomasz Danielec and Arkadiusz Glanowski set up the Baker Street Boys furniture business last year with the help of a loan of £5k each from Startup Direct. Laura Campbell of Startup Direct caught up with them and asked them some questions about their business and their recent celebrity endorsement from Meg Matthews, designer and animal rights activist for […]

Leonardo Laforgia – OOb

“Start Up Loans have been instrumental in helping to prove the opportunity for OOb” Here’s his story… OOb Founder: Leonardo Laforgia Food & Beverage Start-Up Loans have been instrumental in helping to prove the opportunity for OOb. Having tried my first Pearl Tea in Cambodia, I was determined to bring a similar product to the […]

James Little and Chloe Hoole of Darlo

Chloe and James had a startup business idea to produce an ethical babywear label which could provide funds to children in developing countries. Here’s their story… Darlo Founders: James Little and Chloe Hoole It seems like a long time ago since we sat pondering the Startup Direct loan application form, trying to convey our hopes […]

Simon fellowes of Go Local

Go Local is an app designed by Simon Fellowes and his team which allows users to find the best deals in their local area. This is Simon’s story…   Go Local Founders: Simon Fellowes, Grant Webber , Dave Thomas “The idea for Go Local was born from a personal desire to hunt down the most […]

Steven Renwick of Satago

Satago is a business payment site which allows businesses to have greater control of accounts and invoices. Here one of Satago’s co-founders, Steven Renwick shares his business story….   Satago Founders: Adam Horner and Steven Renwick Online payment system “Startup Loans were critical for Satago’s success, but perhaps for slightly different reasons to most startup […]

Dana Elemara – Arganic

“As a young person with no assets to guarantee a bank loan, startup loans played a critical role in the growth of startup Arganic, and for that I am very thankful.” Here’s her story… Arganic Founder: Dana Elemara Food Import & Distribution “Be prepared to work hard, it helps to choose something you are passionate […]

Eleanor Bekalo and Samuel Wilson

Sam and Ellie set up Virtalent after a startup loan from Startup Direct. Virtalent matches busy entrepreneurs and professionals with a talented UK university student, who will act as their Virtual Assistant. After being shortlisted for a KickStart Young Entrepreneurs Award their business continues to thrive. This is their story…   Virtalent Limited: Online Virtual […]

Alex and Ben – Race Yourself

Alexander Foster received a startup loan for his Google Glass app. Along with his co-founder Ben Gamble he has built a startup that has now raised £1.5M in Silicon Valley. Here’s their story…   Race Yourself Founders: Alexander Foster and Ben Gamble Fitness Technology “The startup funding from Startup Direct helped create Race Yourself, the […]

Pippa Murray Founder Pipandnut

Pippa Murray found a gap in the market for luxury all natural nut butters and started her company Pipandnut in 2013 after receiving a £12,000 loan from Startup direct. Here is her story: Pipandnut Founder: Pippa Murray Pippa’s initial business plan included a focus on 6 core unique varieties of nut butters, with the opportunity […]

Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks

Mopp is a leading provider of trusted cleaners and home service professionals in the UK. It was created by Peter Dowds and Tom Brooks. After hosting a house party, they struggled to find a cleaner to clean their home, finding a gap in the market for a cleaning service. Mopp was created by them in […]

Emily Barnes – Design For Me

Emily Barnes is passionate about good design being accessible to all and wanted Design For Me to be approachable and simple to use. Here’s her story…   Design For Me Founder: Emily Barnes Architecture & Design Emily received a startup loan of £7,000 to start Design For Me. “At Design for me, we match your […]

Thiago Gomes – Tico’s

Tico Gomes had a dream to bring his mothers recipes to the streets of London. Here’s his story…   Tico’s Hot Dog stalls Market franchise “The startup business loan, provided by Startup Direct was essential to make my dream a reality. Tico’s started as a dream to bring authentic Brazilian food to the street markets […]