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“As a young person with no assets to guarantee a bank loan, startup loans played a critical role in the growth of startup Arganic, and for that I am very thankful.”

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Dana ElemaraArganic

Founder: Dana Elemara

Food Import & Distribution

“Be prepared to work hard, it helps to choose something you are passionate about. Take on advice & use all the help around you but always go with your gut instinct. Go for it, your life will be very varied, you will be constantly learning & developing, and it’s the most rewarding thing.”

“There are two things we at Arganic are passionate about: health and beauty. We believe that when you eat well, it will show through your appearance”

Arganic founder Dana Elemara began her love for cooking as a child exposed to a wide range of cuisines and ingredients to cook. She picked up the Arabic tradition of loving to host and feed people and would often have friends asking her what she put in her creations that made them taste so unique. Dana had heard about argan oil through relatives that were raving about it but found it difficult to get hold of in the UK. It was then that she decided to leave her mathematical and corporate background behind and the idea for Arganic came about.

The more Dana learned about argan oil the more she fell in love with it and the important social impact it plays for women in Morocco. By applying for a start up loan and from speaking with Startup Direct business mentors, Dana was able to follow her dream.

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Dana ElemaraDana ElemaraDana Elemara