Why “getting a mentor” should be at the top of your to-do list in 2017

By Laura Campbell, Business Advisor at Startup Direct

We are all busy.

Whether we are being productive or not, we’re busy.

We all are working towards something.

Whether that is towards a life goal or just working to make money and get by, we’re working.

We are all thinking.

Even if some more than others, we’re thinking.

What makes success is the ability to link the action, the goal and the thinking in a clear direction (with opportunity) to produce the aimed for result.

Think of a success dart-board!

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With all the wishy-washy vague world of career coaching and the simply ridiculous amount of information out there on the web educating and informing on success and start-up’s, it can be hard to know who to trust. With each site competing for its place on Google and paying for advertising space to grab your attention, it can be easy to see mentors and coaches as the pirates trying to steal your startup idea or waste your time.
However, in my experience that could not be further from the truth. In my time at Startup Direct I have analysed hundreds of business plans and cash flows. I have seen the excitement in entrepreneur’s eyes as they begin a new self-employment journey in their lives. Everyone thinks they will be the next Facebook or Alan Sugar and it’s often hard to know at the start who will be successful. However, we are in a unique position at Startup Direct. With the fact that our Start-up’s receive funding, mentoring and support comes our ability to see the arrears rates as a quantifiable measure of success.

It’s clearly apparent that what seems to make a huge difference in success is between those who do and do not proactively take out a mentor.

But why?

We asked our start-ups how the mentoring helped them when compared to the whirlpool of information on Google or their friends and family. The reply was that “a mentor gives you the soundboard, confidential, impartial advice to give you personalised advice on your startup.” “They help you to organise your ideas and won’t just agree with you like a friend will.” “They can share their knowledge with you and you can choose how to subjectively arrange information to produce answers to your questions.” It seems they are an education source vital to all startup businesses. Mentoring could be vital for success!

On the back of this, Startup Direct was proud to announce in late 2016 our partnership with the Cavendish Consortium. This partnership makes us part of the Start and Grow programme, offering 3 years of free mentoring (when previously just 12 months) to all Startup Direct applicants. This includes 100 hours of skill specific mentoring over the three year period, valued at £5,000.

So are you a startup? If so, don’t be a fool. Get a mentor. Get direction and drive your startup into the success category!
With all the best for a wonderful 2017 from myself and the Startup Direct team.