Hire a crowdfunding consultant to succeed on your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is a new funding model that matches startup entrepreneurs with potential investors over the internet. This funding model has increased rapidly worldwide, with over 1000 crowdfunding platforms ready to go to raise startup funds.

Finding a skilled professional specialised on this web-based innovative funding model, who is able to assist in securing full funding for the new venture is no easy task. There is a rising number of crowdfunding consultants in the UK offering their expertise in this field, but only a small number can actually offer success rates and references to vouch for their value. It important to remember that often we “get what we have paid for”. The advantage of hiring a crowdfunding consultant lies in receiving experienced advice and guidance tailored to a specific crowdfunding campaign.

What are the secrets to finding the right crowdfunding consultant for your campaign?

Marketing experts or PR firms selling an online press release tailored to specific crowdfunding campaigns are not sufficient to secure the investment.  The main characteristics to look for a crowdfunding expert in the UK include a solid background, proactiveness and creativity, someone able to take a campaign to the next level and convince potential investors to finance the business. The ideal crowdfunding specialist should have the ability to think outside the box, innovate normal marketing practices, bringing to the table the desired result. The best kick starter consultants are experienced and well-connected in the field. They have great public relations skills, a good social media and digital marketing background and a very good understanding of the crowdfunding landscape. Moreover, they can provide guidance on the most suitable channels to reach the most receptive target audience. The fastest way to make a crowdfunding campaign go viral is media coverage, therefore it is suggested to select a crowdfunding expert with excellent media contacts and outstanding persuasion skills.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of running a crowdfunding campaign without experienced guidance?

Outsourcing the entire campaign to a third party can be risky, while maintaining the control over the campaign with the aid of an experienced professional can be more profitable in the long term. Crowdfunding consultant fees can be costly, depending on the amount of time booked and the quality of the service. Fees vary from consultant to consultant, with some charging flat fees up front, others charging a percentage of the money raised, or a mix of the two in exchange for advice on how you should launch, run and promote your campaign. Statistics regarding famous crowdfunding associations prove that reaching success rates is harder than expected: Indiegogo and GoFundMe success rate is only 10 percent. Kickstarter, only about 40 percent while Command Partners scored 85 percent success rate of campaigns reaching their goal. Therefore, it is recommended to select a skilled professional amongst the many crowdfunding consultants available in order to increase the chances of securing the investment need to grow the business start-up venture.

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