How to use mentoring tools to develop your entrepreneurial skills

With the launch of the “Mentoring Toolkit” in the Mentor and Mentee handbook, here are some tips about how a mentor can help a mentee or an entrepreneur can help themselves in specific challenging situations using the 5 C’s of mentoring.


The Five C’s Model of Mentoring

5 C's

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How to use mentoring tools to develop your entrepreneurial skills

  • Challenges– understand the situation and the specific challenges involved.

  • Choices – explore the possible options available to tackle the challenges

  • Consequences – identify the consequence of ach option; positives and negatives, like a mini SWOT analysis

  • Creative solutions – with the understanding of the above, take a step back and think about potential creative ways of addressing the challenge differently.

  • Conclusions – choose the most appropriate path based on the analysis and take action.

Sharnette Jackson- Food business Entrepreneur

Sharnette Jackson is an entrepreneur who benefitted greatly from having a mentor.  She set up a mobile food business in Birmingham in 2014. With no experience in the food retail business she faced a lot of challenges when starting up her business. She had to find a van for her mobile catering service, to furnish the van and ensure it was within food selling regulations and to secure a location to sell her produce. When starting she faced further challenges as an ex-offender and, despite many eclectic talents including being able to play the piano, violin and saxophone and being classically trained from a young age, she struggled to find support. By using the 5C’s with her experienced food entrepreneur mentor Vikki and with the Barclays team, she has worked hard to overcome these challenges, to explore all possible choices available and to find creative conclusions to any start-up problems she faced.


As a result she has designed and created a remarkable mobile burger van and secured a spot for her van in one of the UK’s biggest construction sites for two years with an option to expand to another two of their sites. She was featured in the Birmingham business magazine for her efforts and was, due to her hard work, selected to be part of a number of businesses to spend half a day with Barclay’s top advisors. Her persistence, help from her mentor and the Startup Direct team and from the Barclay’s team, have helped her to turn her goal into a reality and ensure her business has the sustainability to continue.


 You can download the mentor and mentee handbook here: MENTOR-Handbook- final version

mentee handbook final version