Interns Insight: Behind the scenes at Startup Direct

Laura Campbell Startup DirectLast week I joined Startup Direct as an intern. Quickly I learnt that it is the friendly, knowledgeable yet professional team here that drive the success behind the business. The team guide both potential loan recipients and potential mentors through the application process with affable ease. They are kind, patient and helpful and provide a wealth of expertise for anyone to draw on.

As an intern in a new environment and with personal experience of unfriendly work environments I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive attitude of the team I have joined. With Charlie’s Hootsuite tips, Anna’s business plan guidance, Tommo’s banking knowledge, Raj’s presentation marketing advice and Lorraine’s mentoring magic the team is continuously teaching me new things. From Izzy the other intern to James the CEO the team clearly values each application they receive. I will try and replicate this positive friendly approach forward in the work that I do now and in the future.

Also a young person in a time when we are continuously been told about youth unemployment and a lack of jobs out there, I have been positively inspired by some of the businesses I have heard about and seen the statistics for whilst at Startup Direct. The personal loans provided by the Startup Loans Company are encouraging enterprise opportunities to a wide variety of individuals who would not have any other opportunity to get a loan. In a time of expensive student loans, growing house prices and increasing living costs, starting up your own business could be an alternative source of revenue for any individual and from my personal experience I think it could help reduce the backlog of intelligent young people who are unemployed.

Overall so far I can only say positive things about my internship. It is exposing me to hands-on experience with a positive, motivated, knowledgeable team. I’ll keep you updated!