Our community of experienced business mentors from a range of sectors will provide mentoring support for your startup

Benefits of having a business mentor

Having the support and guidance of a startup business mentor can be of great value to any startup business. We have a pool of experienced and talented volunteer business mentors that offer their time to help your startup business.
MENTEE Handbook

  • Provide unbiased guidance
  • Someone to bounce ideas off
  • Strategic support and thinking
  • Help you to prioritise
  • Build and grow your network

Kimberly Larsen - Start-up loan recipient

Kimberly Larsen

“It is a real resource to have a business mentor who is both front-row critic and enthusiastic supporter! The value of our mentor, Elisabetta, experience is priceless”

David - Start-up loan recipient

David Parkinson

“Our business mentor, Sue, seemed to see real potential in my concept and is incredibly well connected, certainly a huge asset”

Benefits of being a startup business mentor

If you are passionate about startups, you could be eligible to mentor a first-time entrepreneur backed by Startup Direct. From business owners to all-round professionals, our volunteer business mentors are an integral part of our growing Startup community. With just a few hours a month, you can guide and support a promising entrepreneur on their journey from startup to profitable startup business.
MENTOR Handbook

  • Rewarding and addictive
  • Hone your skills through formal mentor training
  • Expand your network
  • Give something back
  • Gateway to becoming a Non Executive Director

Simon, Startup Direct mentor

Simon Barker

“Becoming involved as a business mentor has been a great way of transmitting my skills to help fledgling businesses and at the same time be fun and stimulating.”

Simon, Startup Direct mentor
We are pleased to offer mentoring and support valued at £5,000 to all eligible Start Up Loan recipients via the Start & Grow scheme. This scheme provides 3 years support to help businesses grow.

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