Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks

Mopp is a leading provider of trusted cleaners and home service professionals in the UK. It was created by Peter Dowds and Tom Brooks. After hosting a house party, they struggled to find a cleaner to clean their home, finding a gap in the market for a cleaning service. Mopp was created by them in 2013 after a startup loan from Startup Direct and was sold, in a multi-million pound deal in 2014…

This is their inspirational story….


Pete and Tom Founders MoppmoppFounders: Peter Dowds and Tom Brooks
“We each took a startup loan from Startup Direct in October 2013. The team there believed in the concept and really supported us from the start. We used the business loans to make our first couple of significant hires, doubling our team overnight! We then invested in engineering; transforming the system from an MVP to a substantive marketplace platform and were able to test a number of acquisition channels which accelerated the business to look at different types of funding for startups and raise £1 million in VC funding in December 2013. This laid the groundwork for a huge 2014 for us which culminated in a multi-million acquisition by leading US marketplace, Handy.”

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