Are you now all set to smash 2017? Top tips to gear up your startup

startup_mentoringAre you ready to impress your target audience in 2017? Every day gives you a whole new year to plan and gear up your startup to ensure that your market presence is of impact:


Video content is the most effective marketing tool

Present your startup idea with video content – 52% of marketing professionals use video to communicate brand messages as it gives the best ROI. In the last three years, television adverts have dropped their impact from 97% to 20% today.

25% of people’s time is spent on average each day on a mobile device. Mobile video viewing is increasing importance and startups should optimize this potential in their marketing campaigns and account for this innovation in their business planning.

The only startups dilemma should be to find the right marketing channel to attract the highest attention and engagement from their target audience.


Focus on maximizing and delivering the best customer experience

Focus on your customers and offer the most suitable customer experience to fit their preferences and interests as this is what will determine whether customers will choose your business versus your competitors.

You don’t know your customer preferences? Conduct thorough market research and do not be afraid to just ask! There are plenty of startup mentors just one phone call away happy to support you in the development of your business venture.


Personalisation is the way forward

Invest and offer your customers personalized products or services, make them feel at the core of your business and offer them personalized brand experiences as they’ll perceived as they received added value by your brand. This will enhance their loyalty and is more like to lead them to purchase from you, therefore in the long term this will increment your sales.


Build trustworthy relationships with your customers

Get to know your target audience, engage with your customers, then build direct relationships with your customers and offer integrated brand experiences. Ensure you provide them with valuable and personalized product or services, offer added value and never let them down. Investing in building trust in your customers is going to be the key to your startup long-term success as it will allow you to build the future of your business venture as customers are always going to come back for more.

Having a solid, strategic marketing plan in place will allow you to scale your business in the shortest amount of time. All the above startup tools are going to allow you to gain traction with your audience, it will help you scaling up your startup and achieving success.