Aimee Teesdale – Startup Direct and Start Up Loan Scheme Success Story

Aimee C. Teesdale is a life coach and motivational speaker, who helps ambitious men and women who are holding themselves back, not achieving all they could be, and tired of being stuck with mediocre. She enables them to get past their barriers, become the person they want to be, and start living a great life they love. 

1 What inspired Aimee C. Teesdale business?

The idea of the business came from the burning desire to escape 9 to 5 and work for myself. So I looked at what I was interested in, passionate about, and good at, and it was clear that it was personal development. I then created my startup business plan. I’d spent most of my adulthood studying psychology, reading self-help books, and learning a lot about how to become the person I wanted to be, to the point that I could use all of this to help others do the same. The focus of my work is now around mindset, and how we can manage what’s going on on the inside, to get what we want on the outside.
2 What issues have you overcome since starting up your business?

Running a business can be a rollercoaster ride, especially in the early days. It took 3 months before I signed my first client, and even a year after I started the startup loan scheme and aimee teesdalebusiness I was still ‘learning’ about what I do as a coach, how I do it, and who I do it for. Until then, I’d been unsure and it was sometimes hard to speak with certainty to potential clients. There’s a real high when you sign a new client and see them transform as a result, but it was also difficult when things were moving slower. But that was all part of the journey and I never wanted to be on any other path. Working hard, breaking through and achieving your goals is the most incredible feeling.

3 What successes have you had recently?

I had a part-time job when I started the business in January 2016, which I was hoping to quit sometime in either 2017 or 2018. I actually did it in just 8 months and quit in August of the same year. Being so ahead of schedule was fantastic and I’ve loved being self employed! Since then, my business has grown and both the number of enquiries I receive as well as the fee I charge has steadily increased. Being able to sustain a living from doing what I love and that has real value to people, is amazing.

4 What are your plans for the next 5 years?

To continue to grow the business but with a bigger online presence. I am aiming for location independence and my dream is to wake up, anywhere in the world, with emails from potential clients in my inbox. I love coaching and working with great people 1:1, so this will always be the core of what I do, and as long as I am seeing people create transformation in their lives through working with me, I will be happy.

5 What did Startup Direct teach you about starting up a business and the different types of funding for startups?

Startup Direct and the Start Up Loan Scheme taught me a lot about managing cash flow of business and how to work with a cashflow forecast template. Before applying I had no idea what a cash flow forecast was, nor the difference between profit and cash. My business mentor helped me create an Excel pivot table which enables me to manage this myself very easily, and so I’ve really come a long way since!