Steven Renwick of Satago

Satago is a business payment site which allows businesses to have greater control of accounts and invoices.

Here one of Satago’s co-founders, Steven Renwick shares his business story….


Adam Horner and Steven RenwickSatago
Founders: Adam Horner and Steven Renwick
Online payment system
“Startup Loans were critical for Satago’s success, but perhaps for slightly different reasons to most startup loan recipients. I built Satago to try and help SMEs tackle the problem of late-paying customers after my experience growing up with a family business in the construction sector. The first version of Satago was built after researching different types of funding for startups and discovered a crowd-funding campaign on Seeders, where we raised £30,000. After building our prototype we got a lot of users, attention from the press and interest from investors. We started to raise a large investment round for Satago but we came to the point where we had not closed the investment round yet and the original investment money was going to run out. The startup loans from Startup Direct my co-founder and I applied for allowed us to keep developing our startup, Satago. We are now in a position where we are fast-becoming the leading solution for SMEs in the UK to manage their Accounts Receivable, thanks to Startup Loans.”

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Steven RenwickAdam Horner and Steven RenwickSteven Renwick