Storytelling for Startups by Mark Leruste

Startup Direct looks to assist entrepreneurs with the required skills to make their startup ideas and businesses successful. Hosted by Mark Leruste from the podcast ‘The Unconventionalists called ‘Storytelling for Startups’ last week, over 40 people attended from a mixture of businesses that we have received startup loan funding or mentoring ad support. The event proved really useful for the startups, so we’ve written some details for incase you missed it.


The Startup Direct’s London team were all in attendance, and CEO James opened the session to welcome those who attended.


Mark Leruste talked about:


  • Why storytelling is still one of the most important skills to master


  • The biggest mistake that most startups make when talking about their businesses is that they don’t think about who their ‘hero’ is – it is you, your product, or your customer? Who is yours?


  • How to craft your story to have a bigger impact to your customers


  • Thinking in-depth about what startups can offer and how to communicate that to customers


There was lots of audience participation during the session (as well as a participating WeWork dog!) with lots of Startup Direct’s funded businesses pitching in.


And don’t forget – Startup Direct is running another event on 25th April! This one is a legal masterclass for Startups run by Lawbite, sign up here!


And keep an eye on our events page for for more cool start up loans scheme events coming up!


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Special thanks to Flint Media for providing us with the shots of the event.