Stripey Spanish – Startup Loans Scheme Success Story

Stripey Spanish: Kickstarting a revolution in the way Londoners learn Spanish

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Stripey Spanish

Carla Jones, founder of Stripey Spanish, a language school with a twist, received a £1000 startup business loan for her language school last year. Since then, the startup has grown from strength to strength, adding oodles of Spanish charisma to London. We caught up with Carla and asked her what it takes to make such a successful startup as Stripey Spanish…

Q: HOLA CARLA! So great to talk to you today. Why did you chose to startup “Stripey Spanish”? Esta bien?

A: Spanish was my first love: part of my childhood was spent in Spain, my degree is in Spanish and Portuguese. I trained with the Institute of Education as a Spanish teacher before teaching in London schools.  I’m a polyglot and language learner for life – now I want to share the Spanish language using fun, social experiences. The startup concept for Stripey Spanish was developed last year  – I took the creative approaches I had developed teaching Spanish in London secondary schools to start something new. Over the summer, I re-imagined the Spanish lesson developing the model by taking classes of adults to learn Spanish while exploring London’s canals, cafes, bookshops, restaurants and even a sofa warehouse. Then, the end of last year the crew was formed. We’re qualified language teachers and tutors that believe Spanish should be learnt differently. Now our Social Spanish Courses are seriously shaking things up in the world of teaching. The Beginner Level 1 Social Spanish Course, is launching May 2017, includes three social experiences integrated with classroom-based learning: we get you out to a pub, bookshop and restaurant speaking real Spanish for more practical, effective and fun learning. Initially I look at different types of funding for startups, but Startup Direct looked the best option for me.

Carla Jones

Carla Jones in her trademark earrings!

Q: How did you use your loan? 

A: We used the business startup loan as the initial cash injection to get our business off the ground. Since starting, we have run Spanish courses and Spanish nights where we combine languages with food and theatre, getting people learning through games and social engagement and using this to cement good language learning habits.


Q: Did you use the startup mentors available with Startup Direct? 

A: Yes I did! My mentor Stuart eased me through the process and really got involved with the business, helping in whatever way he could. The whole team at Startup Direct really believe in my business and support the concept, and have even attended some of my events! I would advise any startup to take up a startup business mentor.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone starting up a business.

A: Just do it! Sé feliz y disfruta de tu vida. Por cierto…¡es única! This translates as- Be happy and enjoy your life. One thing for sure….it’s unique!


Stripey Spanish Nights!

Just one of the great Spanish Nights being run by Stripey Spanish. For more details on Carla and her fantastic business and to let her inspire you, check out

If you are interested in following Carla’s example and setting  up your own startup, click here to find out more or email Laura at where the team will be there to assist your application!