How video content can help promote your startup

An increasing number of businesses now use short videos to present themselves, their marketing polar-createcampaigns and deliver core business values in just a few minutes. Videos are a cost effective way to present a business using consumer’s subconscious triggers, such as tone of voice, facial expressions and music. They are also a powerful tool to impact positively in the complex consumer’s decision-making process. Research carried out by Vidyard found that more than 70 percent of marketers say videos convert better than any other marketing campaign.


93% of marketers are using videos for their campaigns as an effective tool to drive traffic to their website. Diode Digital found that video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. They allow entrepreneurs to drive traffic to their websites, double their click-through rates and ensure that email campaigns reach their full potential. Broadcasting video facilitates higher engagement as videos are quick and easy to be shared.

Video content is a powerful story telling tool. It serves to deliver promotional campaigns, innovative and influential ideas. The great advantage of videos lies in the ability to convey meaningful messages, and strategically combining sound, motion, and visuals it can help businesses to promote the brand and the brand’s message, with the purpose of ultimately driving traffic to the business’s website.

Any pointers for creating your video? There should never be more than three key messages in each video, which should be easy to remember, and be no longer than two to five minutes in duration.

Polar Create is a London-based new startup that recently joined Startup Direct portfolio of successful businesses run by young and ambitious entrepreneurs. This startup has sought advice and worked with our very own Startup Direct mentors. Polar Create offers a bespoke service in helping businesses to prepare, record video scripts which are designed to promote product & services and conveying their messages in a slick and catching manner.

The Polar Create team expertise guide clients to structure their video which in a more story-telling style, pexels-photo-3ensuring it to be informative, short and sharp, catchy, memorable, always including a call to action and delivering the desired value proposition.

So why should video content be king of your marketing strategy? Well, strategically designed videos are more likely to catch people’s attention.

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